INTERVIEW | T. Williams

Emerging into the music scene at the age of seventeen, T. Williams has been an anomaly since the start. From beginning in the grime scene to his progression into house music, Tesfa Williams has noticeably excelled in engineering various types of music. His original beats captivate those in its presence, ensuring an exceptional time for everyone around.




How would you compare your time in the grime scene to where you are now? Is there anything you miss about it?
My time in the grime scene was quite simple. I was in my bedroom making music a lot more often than I do now in my studio. Basically because I didn’t travel nearly as much as I do now. I do miss the fact you could make real money from selling vinyl.

When you made the transition to UK Funky / House, did you have any musical inspirations?
My musical inspirations whilst making that transition were people like Kerri Chandler, Kenny Dope, Bugz In The Attic, Quentin Harris, Dj Gregory and more. There was just so much inspire stuff which lead me to get deeper into house.



For an artist looking to switch genres or sounds, what would be your advice to them?
For someone looking to change genre first thing to remember is don’t forget your roots. I’ve never abandoned mine the fact I come from grime & garage and have been heavily influenced by Jungle has always been at the forefront whilst producing and djing.

You’ve worked with many reputable names – Shadow Child, Disclosure, Dusky – the list goes on. Who would you want to collaborate with that you haven’t yet?
I have a few collab’s lined up, but other than them I can’t think of anyone.

Having recently done a piece with FACT all about remixing, we have to ask – any remixes currently in the works?
Not working on any remixes at the moment.

Over the past couple of months you’ve been gigging in some amazing places – Croatia, Ibiza, Barcelona. What has been your favorite gig of the summer?
Definitely playing sonar closing the RBMA stage on the first night was a massive highlight of my summer.



What have you got in store for the rest of 2014 and beyond? Any upcoming projects you can fill us in on?
Nothing I can fill you in on yet. But there will be lots of new music, I promise.