Interview: Le Youth b2b Goldroom

Goldroom and Le Youth have always been favorites of ours on their own – but after a killer Mixmag Lab tag team session, a Le Youth remix of Goldroom’s “Embrace” fresh off the press, and a b2b set on the books for CRSSD, the musical and creative chemistry is no longer easy to ignore (just check out their Mixmag Lab below).

In preparation for the festival this weekend we asked the guys if they’d be willing to do something a little different than their run of the mill interview – we asked if they’d interview each other. Lucky for us, they were game.

How’d the conversation go? Read on to find out and be sure to catch their b2b at CRSSD this Saturday at The Palms from 5-6PM [Goldroom is also playing our official pre-party Friday at Bang Bang]. Tickets available here.



Hey Wes. This is weird, but lets give it a go.

We were recently talking about using cryo (compressed CO2 blasts) at clubs and festivals and how much we hate it. I’m annoyed by it enough that I actually have a “no cryo” section in my rider. Is there anything about “dat EDM lyfe” that you like?

There’s actually a few things I like about that life, but would never normally tell anyone. I love flying first class, bottle service at the club, and a good light show when I’m playing… As far as the CO2 blasts, no thank you. They make me uncomfortable.

I’m getting the impression that my rider is very modest, I’m going to fix that. What else is on your rider?

I love the rider conversation. So when I started getting booked away from LA to DJ, I asked for a bottle of Jameson. Jamo Ginger was totally my go-to at all bars from like 2008-2012. The problem was, and is, that I’m way too restless when I DJ. If there’s a drink in front of me, I’m gonna drink it quickly. Every night I played I was having like 7 stiff cocktails and getting entirely too faded. So I switched it up, and from 2012-2014 or so I always requested some sort of Mexican beer. It’s light, refreshing, easy to drink, and hard to get drunk on. But then I realized I was drinking like 6 beers a night every weekend, which honestly must have been horrible for me. Now I’ve settled into a nice single bottle of champagne. Things are civilized in 2015. Just me and a bottle of Veuve.

A long time ago I had to request table space for an APC40 because I was using Ableton to DJ. That phase lasted about 6 months before I realized I was just staring at my laptop screen for the whole show. I realized I hadn’t looked at the crowd at all during my set and knew I was going to learn CDJs the next week. I’ve never looked back. Did you always DJ on CDJs? Any dark secrets of giant Traktor controllers?



That’s way too many Jameson’s. I stick to vodka. Less calories and easier hangovers.

When I first started DJing I had no clue what I was doing. I had just let go of a band I had been in for 6 years, so I was feeling very underwhelmed by the idea of DJing for people instead of singing and playing instruments. For my first DJ set as Le Youth I overdid it entirely; I had a laptop, Traktor, and a few midi controllers. I think I had the same epiphany as you; I wanted to interact with the crowd, I wanted to sing to them. I realized quickly that people came to have fun, not to be “wow’d” by my dj set. Currently I DJ with a flash drive and the club’s CDJs. I love the freedom.

Speaking of freedom, or lack thereof, what do you think when you roll into the club 15 minutes before your set and the opening DJ is going super hard? Do you feel required to follow his lead and keep the club dancing or do you always do the Goldroom set? Or do you have a “no EDM opener” section in your rider too haha?

Honestly I don’t care what the DJ before me does. Either the music I play stands up or it doesn’t. It might be annoying if the guy before me bangs it out really hard, but for me, it doesn’t change how I’m going to approach my set or not. The way I look at it, I wouldn’t want the fans I would get by playing aggressive just because that’s what came before me. I want to show everyone what Goldroom is all about and they can either like it or not.

As a continuation on this. Having DJ’d more and more over the past couple of years, has it influenced the way you make music? Do you think you’ve started making more music that’s friendly to the dance floor? For me I try as hard as possible not to let the live experience influence me in the studio at all, but I know that’s a bit weird.



Over the last couple of years I’ve definitely been taking the dance floor into consideration when making music. That said, I have some new unreleased songs that will rely heavily on the remixes to bring it alive on the dance floor. The truth is, I love the club. I love the dance floor.

I think I picked that up in Europe where they’re not afraid to dance and there’s no fear of an EDM opener. Where’s your favorite place to play?

I think I’ve developed a really special relationship with South America because of touring there. The openness and excitement about music is completely infectious, and even though I’m this white kid coming down there to play disco, I think they can feel where my inspirations come from and it just clicks. It’s really special for me every time I go down there.

It’s hard not to like playing in San Diego though… I think its the only place in the world with BETTER weather than LA.

What’re you most excited about for this weekend?

I’m excited to see my UK homies Blonde and Toyboy & Robin. Also excited to see Anna Lunoe.

I’m mostly excited for a breakfast burrito on Sunday morning and playing our set haha.

See you this weekend!