INTERVIEW | Eats Everything



You just wrapped up your 3 month residency for XOYO. What were some of the standout nights for you?
All the nights were stand out because the crowd were mega responsive. It was a real experience and probably the best thing I have done, career move wise, so far. If I had to pick one night it would be the closing party. It was a really special atmosphere and a really amazing experience that I will never forget.

Having played extended sets before (9 hours behind the decks at Sands Ibiza in 2012, also set to play 8 hours b2b with Justin Martin this weekend) – how do you approach the night? Do you prefer having an hour or two to bang it out, or the slow progression of an extended set?
I prefer playing long sets if I know the club is good and the crowd are going to be down for a mixture of stuff. The short bang it out sets can be a little monotonous but essentially it’s the best job in the world so I’ll take what I can get!

Laurent Garnier’s “Man With The Red Face” has been a self-proclaimed favorite in your sets over the past couple months. Any other tracks in heavy rotation at the moment?
I never really know how to answer this question.



You just released your “Hello Mr. Jello” EP with Justin Martin, and are staying plenty busy with gigs – what’s in store for the rest of 2014? We see you’re hosting a stage at South West Four this summer?
I have lots of very exciting things plans, first and foremost becoming a father. We will see how it goes from there but I can guarantee it’ll be 100% certified funnnnnnn!