For those who don’t yet know, who is RÜFÜS DU SOL? How would you describe your music?
3 guys who like making dance music that sits somewhere between a pool party and an abandoned theme park rave.

You released your album ATLAS in August of last year, which ended up going gold and hitting #1 on Australian iTunes. How does it feel watching your debut album get such a massive response? Did you guys expect this?
You can’t expect that. We didn’t expect anything. It was surreal because we wrote the album for us, we didn’t have a label until about 3 weeks before we put out the first single. We were just going to put it on our own label and throw it on SoundCloud. But, a little Australian label, Sweat it Out Music, approached us and said all the right things, so we got into bed with them and it was a pretty rad decision in the end. They let us do absolutely whatever we want because they trust us. They throw a dope afterparty if you’re ever in Sydney for one of our shows 😉



Can you tell us a little bit about the three-legged dog that gave inspiration to the band’s name?
It was actually an uncle of Tyrone’s in Sweden who was named RÜFÜS, he had a 3 legged wolf that lost it’s leg in a bear trap. He rescued it and they spend every day together.

What were each of you up to prior to Rufus taking off? At what point did you realize you could quit your day jobs?
We actually quit our day jobs about 18 months ago because we decided we were all in with this project however it turned out. It was a pretty scary point having no cash flow and putting everything into a record. Made it that much more rewarding when a label came out and said they believed in what we had created.

How did it feel when you found out that your fan base was growing beyond Australia?
We’re just starting to explore places outside Australia right now…so it’s hard to gauge our fan base. But, it’s pretty dope that we can go to San Francesco or L.A and sell out a show just because people have heard our music on soundcloud or where ever. It makes you want to work harder to come back and play to an even bigger crowd.




Jon, you got your sound degree at SAE – have you found that your studies influence how you approach your music?
Certainly in the studio Jon’s attention to detail around sonic arrangement comes into it’s own. He is the warden of sound and he rules with a firm finger on that mouse.

You guys have your own label, Monekeleon. Was this purely to be used as a platform to release your own music? Do you guys have any bigger plans for the label down the line?
You nailed it. When we started out we decided we didn’t need a label to disseminate our work, so we just created our own. It was a great learning experience. Time will tell what happens to it in the future…..

What does the live Rufus setup consist of? What can your fans expect from a live show?
It’s live. Drums, guitars, keys, synths, pads, vocals etc. Expect to dance or be the only one not dancing.




You guys keep a tour diary to log anything funny that goes on while you’re on the road – can you give us a little snippet? Any outrageous touring stories you care to share?
Our mums have the internet. Sorry.

In contrast to a standard studio arrangement, you’ve worked in a few interesting makeshift spaces. Can you tell us a little bit about these and the reasoning behind them? Once you guys are settled in your ‘studio,’ how does the writing process unfold?
Necessity. People always make do with what they have. That’s very much the spirit of what we do. Just making music how ever we can.

You guys are hitting all major US cities on your North American tour, followed by a a slew of European dates and another two months of touring your home country. Aside from a massive tour schedule, what else is in the works for you? Any upcoming projects or collaborations you can tell us about?
We’re always writing both individually and as a group. So there could be a few things happening. We’re moving to Berlin in August to set up a studio and write our second album. That will be very fun.