Los Angeles based and New Orleans born, Trent Cantrelle started early.  Beginning his DJ career at the tender age of 13, Trent eventually found himself playing in clubs, blending styles and showcasing his unique sound.  After relocating to LA, Trent earned himself a residency at the Hollywood nightclub Avalon.  His success in the city eventually lead to the creation of his Sounds Like parties, allowing him the freedom to create a club environment to his own liking. We just recently got the chance to do a quick Q&A with Trent where he was kind enough to drop veteran knowledge about the goings-on within the dance music industry.

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What is your favorite memory about the rave scene in the 90’s?
Any night at the State Palace theater in New Orleans..

What quality about that era will never come back?
I never say never, but so much has been lost from that era. I think once the big money started rolling in, along with corporate interest, like anything it spoils in a sense. I wish bottle service and VIP sections would go away and never come back.

#1 quality you love about New Orleans?
Everything.. The place is one big melting pot of music, people, art, food and culture.

#1 quality you hate about Los Angeles?
Clubs having to close at 2am. The city would have such a more vibrant club culture if they would do away with these outdated laws.

What is your favorite memory during your residency at the Avalon LA? You must have a

bunch – just pick one!
Those were some achat viagra generique risques of the best nights of my life. Probably NYE 2009 playing from 5am past noon. I remember most of the events in town let out and all the DJs were there to after party. One of those nights!




You’ve spoken about the need to progressively reinvent yourself in order to sustain a long-standing career within the music industry. Within your career, what has been your lowest low, and what has been your highest high? Also, how did you grow from both experiences?
Having a long career means

plenty of both highs and lows. You take each one for what it’s worth and make the most out of it. For every low, the outcome was a high. It’s all based on how hard you work and turning failure into opportunity. When I say reinvent, I mean in a sense of keeping up with the pulse of things, but always staying true to yourself. I started at such a young age, and have been at it ever since, it’s all I have ever known really.

You have been throwing Sounds Like parties for almost a decade, providing a venue for the city of LA to have fun, dance, and focus on the music. How has the Sounds Like project grown since it’s birth?
What started as a night at Avalon, turned into a cult like gathering of like-minded people, all creeds and colors. After the Avalon residency, I wanted to do something different with the parties. Bring back the feeling and atmosphere that captured my heart many years ago. Things I feel are lost in todays industry. Music seems to be just part of the reason a lot of people go to events, where we wanted to make it the sole reason for attending a Sounds Like party. It’s why we chose to do so many on Sunday nights. It provides a filter to the people going out on a night like this; they must have a pretty good reason.

As a veteran within the scene, what is your advice for DJs / producers who are just starting to break?
Something I had to learn from experience is do not try to be too many things to too many people. Basically, don’t try and please everyone. Find a sound or feel that you can focus on and shoot for that.

How have you seen the underground music (for lack of a better term) cultivate and grow over the past couple of years?
It has grown a great deal. In good ways and bad. I see a lot of what I don’t like about the EDM side crossing over into the more underground scene. A lot of the focus is on the look, press shots, clothes, clever social media, and the music is last. On the flip side, I see so many of those post EDM fans discovering this sound for the first time with the same look I had in my eyes years ago. You can’t deny that magic and it is alive and well within the modern era.

What can fans expect in the future?
I am very excited about a new EP coming out with Mood Recordings, Nicole Moudabers label. It’s a bit of a different sound from what I have released in the last few years, more reflective of my earlier work. I also have a new weekly radio show starting on Sirius XM next month under the Sounds Like brand. It will be a mix of studio and live sets featuring both new and older music.