The formation of Pig&Dan may have been an unusual one, but was no doubt fate. The two crossed paths on a flight to Mallorca back in 1999, when Dan was a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound and touring globally, and Igor was deep in the world of illegal underground raves whilst producing music under the name Tropic 39. Since then, Pig&Dan are still all about the music, and always will be. It appears that 2018 could be the most important and transformative year of all. Having just featured on the most recent cocoon compilation and a full length EP to come later in the year along with a very exciting new project soon to be released, it seems that Pig&Dan’s musical Odyssey is only just beginning. We sat down with the duo to catch up before their show at CRSSD Festival Fall ’18 on Sunday, September 30th. Get tickets here


1. We would like to start by congratulating you guys on your new event series at one of the most iconic clubs of the world! How is it that you guys received an invitation to play Fabric on Sundays?

Thank you so much! We are truly very honoured to be putting on these events there, especially as it’s where Dan was born. Both of us have spent many years in London during our younger years, and we have a long history of playing Sundays at fabric – so when they approached us asking if we would be interested in presenting something of our own, of course it was something we wanted to pursue.

2. What can we expect from ‘Odyssey’, your new live show? Is the set up going to be different from the equipment you guys normally use?

‘Odyssey’ is very much what the name means. It’s a voyage, in this sense but musically. We wanted to feature DJ’s who are masters of their genre, and program a progression and journey in a way that each artist through the events builds the night. Starting with grooves and ambient sounds, building all through the hours to full peak time tunes. A slow crescendo of sound throughout the entire night. Sometimes when we play events it seems everyone is just there to hang it out, and we don’t want that. We wanted all to shine in their own and refined way.

3. Are you planning on bringing any elements of this show to CRSSD Festival this Fall?

Absolutely, we will be bringing all of our own music, which is what we base all our sets on whether live or DJ’ing, and of course some new tracks to be heard which are all in the pipeline. Plus, as always – a lot of energy and smiley faces.

4. You guys have been active since 1999 so we are quite sure you grew up on vinyl. How do you guys feel about the progress in medium making DJ’ing vastly widespread? Do you feel that it takes away from the old school/authentic feeling?

I think it’s bought it to a far wider audience which is positive, because it’s opening the minds of more people who possible would never have been exposed to this kind of sound. Saying that, we do feel music is somewhat saturated by this explosion. You can even hear hotel lobbies playing house music which doesn’t really work.

5. How did you two decide on teaming up? What has the recipe been for keeping the two of you together while touring and producing for so long?

I think we just strive to push the envelope together and sort of compete in a healthy way to just supply something unique and constantly inspire each other. Our synergy is really very special, and we are lucky to have found that. Studios are personal spaces as is creation. 


6. Where did the idea of creating your own label ‘ELEVATE’ come from? 

We’ve had many labels, it’s just about being able to let people have a voice musically that we believe in. It’s very much about music we live and gets under our skin. It’s not the name or brand behind the music, it’s truly the artists creations that drives us to push it. 

7. With that being said what is it about Adam Beyer’s label that makes it the main output for your releases? What is your reasoning of releasing music on other labels instead of your own?

We have always spread our wings wide because we just don’t write music that fits just one label. We are prolific and diverse, so it makes sense to try to put the music into the right places. Our releases on Cocoon or Diynamic are nothing like that that are on Drumcode etc.

8. You guys have an amazing trajectory playing in clubs all over the world. What has been your favourite venue or crowd so far?

Impossible to say however honestly. There’s too many to list!  

9. Is there an artist in music – not DJ specific – that you would love to work with? Why would you like to work with this artist?

Probably the ones have sadly passed away like Jim Morrison or Any Winehouse. 

10. What is your go-to genre when Techno isn’t playing?

A bit of everything, Dub Reggae, funk, rock. 

11. If you could eternally be stuck in one era’s music scene, which would it be?

Techno – hands down winner!

12. You both have done many interviews over the course of your career. What is one thing that nobody has ever asked you and you feel your fans should know about you?

I (Dan) am English and Pig is Spanish … we are often said to be a German or Dutch duo. Not sure why, and as much as we love that I just thought I’d set the record straight!