You used to sell records at a department store. We have to ask – what department store was selling records?
Fred Meyer in Capital Hill, Seattle WA. I was 18.

You’ve been a part of the 90s/R&B throwback movement alongside artists such as Cyril Hahn and Bixel Boys, and it’s served you well. Do you see yourself staying within this realm of music?
I don’t think of making music in that way. I make music that I enjoy making, so that’s the only realm I’ll stay in I suppose.



You’re originally from Toledo, Ohio. Is there much of a dance scene going on there?
I’m afraid not, but I think it will eventually get there. A friend of mine just opened a nightclub dedicated to electronic music, called Bar EDM (I know, I know…). They have a dope night there called Subculture.

You joined the Capital XTRA family in February and are now doing a monthly show called “Friday Night House Party.” Do you approach these mixes differently than you do your sets? Do you find that you can include more tracks that you wouldn’t necessarily play at gigs?
I definitely approach them differently. I’m much braver when it comes to my show on Capital XTRA. When I’m playing a gig the goal is different. I think a lot of people listening to the radio show are at home or in their car, so they’re more open to me straying a bit musically.

When you’re not in the studio or DJing, what are you listening to? You’ve mentioned you love folk music – who are some of your favorite folk artists?
I typically stay away from dance music when I’m away from the studio or DJing. Looking at my Spotify, been playing Donnie & Joe Emerson, The Notwist, Stars, The War On Drugs, Betty Who, Hot Chip, amongst others…

You did a remix for Lana Del Rey as Wes James, but didn’t tell anyone about it until recently. What made you decide to post it now?
When I initially did that remix I was scared that people would think it was uncool. It’s been a year or so and I thought if I gave a disclaimer people would be ok with it. They were.

What do you miss most about Los Angeles while you’re touring?
My dog, my home, the weather, the palm trees and the people.



4 favorite things from the 90s?
record shopping, fashion, renting movies, 90210, physical albums

Along with your monthly radio show on Capital XTRA, you’re staying plenty busy touring and putting in studio time. What else is in the pipeline for Le Youth in 2014? Any projects you can tell us about?
The standard… new music, remixes, mixtapes and touring. Aside from that, I’m planning I’m doing a Las Vegas trip next month


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