Kora is an artist project blending diverse sounds and stimulating textures, a place where organic elements and modern means collide. It is home to a traveller on a lengthy voyage – an expedition to inspire and connect with room for one more. We sat down with him to catch up before his Bang Bang debut on Saturday, November 10th.

1. Earlier this year you released your ‘Nous’ EP on the prestigious Anjunadeep. There are a lot of feelings & emotions felt on both tracks. What was going through your life at the moment and do you think it played a role in what you were making at the time?

I think my creativity is connected with how I feel in the very moment when I write music. It can be a happy or more challenging phase of my life, the output will depend on also where I write it. I came to realize very recently that I make music in a more natural way when I’m relaxed and grounded, but it’s in this moment that I can channel and process past emotions. Nous means « Us » in my first language French but also has a deeper philosophical meaning that touches on the human mind and the necessity for understanding what is true or real.

2. You recently founded your own musical imprint. What do you feel is your duty/responsibility as Saisons Musique’s label boss?

The long term mission of Saisons is to fight climate change by connecting people and ideas together to help take action in a positive way for a brighter future. I think music and arts are a special way of communication that can allow us to spread a message on very powerful frequency to our audience. Its also important to operate the label project with authenticity, honesty and passion.

3. What musical characteristics and elements do you usually look for when you sign a track to Saisons Musique?

It’s truly a feeling thing as what we are always looking for is something that translates emotions and energy. I also make sure it’s music that resonates with me even after the 37th time listening to it. I think when a real music moment is captured, the song can be timeless and this is what we are chasing. We don’t close our doors to anything.
Saisons is a family focused on quality over quantity, and also crucial is the authenticity of the music producer and the story behind his creative process. It’s something that is very interesting for us.

4. With a decade of experience behind the decks what artists can you mention off the top of your head that have played a vital role in your love for music?

My mother, my piano and drum teachers Louise and Jean François, my production mentor Adam K, Cirque du Soleil DJ Alain Vinet, world music composer and friend Luc Sicard…and Bédouin for their overall consistency in music quality and DJ sets.
5. Can you give us 3 tracks that you cannot go without playing in your sets? 
Facundo Mohrr – No Love Lost… top groove.
Anything from Tim Green for high energy moments.
I love closing with my song Nuit d’Afrique, it’s a very special track for me.
6. You mention that your goal is to inspire and connect with room for one more. How will you achieve this during your Bang Bang debut on Saturday Nov. 10th?
It’s a beautiful chance to play open to close, starting with an an empty room. It affords a DJ an opportunity to tell a story chapter by chapter and foster a real bond with those on the dance-floor. Every opportunity like this is a unique occasion, an inimitable moment in time to create something special. I have so much amazing music to share, lots of unreleased creations and more. I look forward to curate an experience in San Diego that makes for great memories.
7. What can we expect from Kora in the following months?
We have lots of great music on the way via Saisons, including a number of my tracks and collaborations with good friends.
Touring continues through December with more USA show and I close out the year in Amsterdam for NYE before a little time in Tulum.
I also just had the pleasure of teaching a free production masterclass in LA and it’s something I will be doing in many new cities over the coming months.
Release-wise, coming at the end of this month is the digital release of my ‘Naavi’ collaboration with Wuachuma. Lots more music to come before the end of 2018 also!