Over the last seven plus years, Huxley has excelled at many different styles, often ahead of the curve. He does well swung drums as well as bass, main room house and deeper, musically accomplished offerings that stir real emotion. We sat down with him to catch up before his show at Bang Bang on Saturday, April 7th. Get tickets here.


1. Congrats on your latest “HuxCOIN EP” release on Josh Butler’s Origin Records! What is it about the label that you felt made the perfect fit for this EP in particular?

I had been talking to Josh about doing something on Origins for a while, and we’ve been doing a lot of B2Bs lately, so it just felt right. I sent the tracks to Josh and he took them straight away. When he suggested Alex Celler for the remix I  was onboard instantly, he’s someone who i’ve been a fan of since the Cecille days.

2. You are known for switching up your sound on your releases, what is your reasoning behind this?

Boredom. I think that if I just made the same vibe all the time it would be so boring to me. I have many different tastes, so why not use those influences in my own music. I like to think I take this ethos into my DJing as well.


3. Who would you consider to be a major influence on your production style at the moment?

Honestly, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say that any particular person is an influence on me. I am listening to a lot of old house at the moment though, so that is the sound that I think is coming out most in the music i’m making. But if you ask me this question next week then I’ll probably say something different!

4. We have seen a video of you partaking in FactMagazine’s “Against The Clock” challenge. Other than that instance what has been the quickest that you have created a track that you have released?


That’s a tough one. I can’t really remember. I finish quite a lot of music that never sees the light of day, so it’s probably one of those. One that does stick out for me is ‘Let It Go’. I think that track only took about 3 hours from start to finish. That’s pretty quick for me!

5. What are some tips you can give us on balancing your touring life with your other responsibilities aside from music? 

Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t drink too much. Try and eat healthily. Of course, I don’t do any of these things, but at least I know I should be! Also, when you’re at home make sure you’re there and not still in the headspace of a tour!


6. What are some of the main challenges you encounter as a Producer/DJ in today’s market?
Staying relevant, it’s now a constant battle to keep up. A few years ago you could do one or two releases a year, but now you have to be out there all the time, with releases, social media or whatever. I guess it makes it interesting, but also I think it can make the music suffer.

7. What is one thing you would change about the current music scene?
Less social media, more music.

8. We always ask DJ’s to give us their top 3 tracks to play at the moment. Can you list yours?
Sante – Ghost Writer (Solardo Mix)
Brett Gould – The Ride
Loco Dice – $lammer
9. What are you looking forward to most about your set at Bang Bang this weekend? 
Everything! It’s always fun in San Diego!