Edu Imbernon has been bringing his unique indie dance sound to the dance floor for the past half decade. The Spanish native made his mark with his hit “El Baile Alemán” on Liebe Detail, which Beatport selected as “Best Underground Track of the Year” in 2009. The man has also gained traction throughout the years with his remixes of The XX’s “Crystalized”, Hot Natured’s “Emerald City”, and Maya Jane Cole’s “You”.

We got a chance to sit down with Edu, gaining a deeper understanding of the artist, where we discussed topics ranging from his earliest musical influences to his favorite mid-afternoon snack. Be sure to catch Edu as he takes the throne at our Bang Bang chapel this Friday, April 22 in beautiful downtown San Diego. Tickets can be found here



What was your childhood like growing up in Valencia, Spain? What were some of your earliest musical influences?
I grew up with a musical family. My dad played the viagra y cialis juntos piano his whole life which was a big influence on me. I had and played musical instruments from a young age, such as the piano and a drum kit. My two older brothers also had an influence on me, as they were always listening to music around the house which naturally introduced me to bands like Depeche Mode and New Order from a very young age.

You have stated that music has been your number one focus for your entire life, and that you can’t imagine your life playing out any differently. But while in university, prior to being a sound design major, you were majoring in business. What made you pick business in the first place? What led to the change in major?
When I was still in school, with the help of my older brother, I used to import all kinds of stuff and sell them to the kids at school, as much as I was naturally into music I was naturally into business. So that seemed like a good path to go on. I had never really given a music career any serious thought when it came time to choose what to study after school, the decision to change was simply just believing I could follow a career in music and then making the decision to move to Berlin and give it a shot.

What kind of musical opportunities did you come across upon first moving to Berlin?
I didn’t come

across any music opportunities, for me it was just the opportunity of being submerged in center of what electronic music all about and having the time and freedom to put my head down and work on it all.



What is the strangest thing that you have witnessed someone doing in a Berlin night club?
The strangest thing I witnessed in a Berlin night club was a transvestite squeezing milk from his/her nipples, and no I was not tripping, and yes it was at Berghain/Panorama Bar.

What is your favorite mid-afternoon snack?
My favorite mid-afternoon snack is a FRESH ham and cheese croissant.

You usually release music during the months of May and June, which means your fans have a lot to be excited for in the near future. What projects have you been working on as of late?
My latest project which I am most excited about, which will be released on Fayer, is a song “Bitter Fate” I made with an amazing vocalist, which has been remixed by two of my all time favorite producers. The song was premiered at BPM festival earlier this year and it got an amazing response. It will be one of the very few releases this summer from me but it will be a very special one.

You own and manage two labels: Elektish and Fayer. What is the main difference between the two new labels?
Fayer is focused on Indie / Electronica records with top notch remixers.

Eklektisch is focused on house / techno records with upcoming remixers.



How have you grown and evolved as an artist since the release of your first hit track, “El Baile Alemán,” back in 2010?
I have evolved and grown a lot as an artists since then, as I have had the privilege of being able to travel to many different countries around the world where I get to experience so many different cultures and how they react to my music and how they choose to have a good time. I also get to work along side and with so many talented artists, even some who have been a role model to me and a huge inspiration in my musical adventure. Each and everyone one of these experiences, if you are paying attention and taking it all in and appreciating it, will evolve you and make you grown not only as an artist but personally too. Specifically to my sound, it has evolved into much more of a melodic sound than 6 years ago.

What kind of music do you listen to outside of dance?
Honestly I don’t listen to much music between the weekends and studio time but when I do, I mainly listen to bands that I like, like The XX, Depeche Mode, Morcheeba or some old school eighties music is always fun.

What is currently inspiring you?

I recently moved houses and my new studio has a glass front with a beautiful backdrop, I find it really calming and inspiring.