Andrea Oliva’s current status as an established international headline act is the result of an entirely organic journey. We sat down with him to catch up before his show at Bang Bang on Saturday, May 5th. Get tickets here.


1. You began your musical journey working at a record store in Switzerland. How did working there shape your current career as a DJ?

The experience of working in vinyl distribution and record stores had a lot of influence on my career! At a young age I was already part of the whole movement… we were literally all addicted to what vinyl would come out next and we’d get totally crazy about promos. They were funny times and I miss them. 24h a day all about music basically!

2. If you could go back to that store at that time and pick your favorite record what would it be?

It’s so difficult to say – that was 17 years ago and the output of records from all over the world was massive. House, acid, trance all kind of sounds were super interesting back then.

3. What kind of preparation do you do before a show? Could you walk us through some of the details leading up to an Andrea Oliva set?

I always dig for new records before gigs. I like playing tracks I’ve never played before – its exciting and totally my thing. I like going to the club, taking in the vibe and playing freestyle from start to finish so I never prepare a set, If I know the club, festival or the situation itself, I do folders with tracks but never prepared sets – I never did that in 23 years of DJing.

4. You landed a lot of gigs in your hometown but when was it that you started to produce your own music?

Around 12-13 years ago I started to produce my own music. I felt the need to play outside of my own country also because I was playing too much in the same territory – it was fun for a while but I wanted to see the world. This was the point where my career became more serious and shortly after I started to travel internationally. So I would say productions opened the door to an International career.

5. You’ve mentioned before that the best time to produce music is late in the night when everyone is asleep. What are some other ways that you keep yourself from getting stuck on a certain track?

Make sure you get enough sleep. Don’t drink too much. Try and eat healthily. Of course, I don’t do any of these things, but at least I know I should be! Also, when you’re at home make sure you’re there and not still in the headspace of a tour!

6. Ibiza season is coming up, what is it that you enjoy most about the island and your residencies there?

I love the the whole spirit of the island – its not just about the clubs and parties – Ibiza is so much more! Just being there and enjoying the island makes you feel good.

7. You achieved a major milestone when you began landing headlining slots for ANTS. How does the ANTS party translate outside of Ibiza?

There is a really a strong team behind ANTS. Everything thats done outside of Ibiza is either to bring the ANTS stage to a festival or to do something special with the brand in a different location. Doing a party outside of Ibiza is not just about numbers, its about transmitting the essence of the party; sound and vibe wise! The results are impressive and it shows that hard work pays off.

8. We always ask DJ’s to give us their top 3 tracks to play at the moment. Can you list yours?

DJ Haus – Another Place

Seph (AR) – Jade

Ben Sterling – Ciao